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    Lightbulb will it be ok to run 10mg nolva ed through cycle?

    just wondering i was going to run 10mg nolva ed through out my whole cycle then 2 weeks after lat shot up it to 20mg and start clomid at 100mg daily for 4 weeks i will be taking 500mg test e,300mg deca ,35 mg dbol for only 4 weeks on the dbol the rest will be 10 weeks will the nolva effect my gains?

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    i would think that would be okay... it really depends on your body too. how sensitive are you to gyno, bloat especially w/ the test and d-bol.. i usually run 20mg ed throughout the cycle, and you might wanna throw in some vit b6 @ like 300mg ed along w/ the deca . tamoxifen citrate(nolvadex ) won't do anything for progesterone elevation from the deca, b6 will supposedly help act like a buffer for that.


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    20 mg ed is usually what people run. I myself don't run anti e's during my cycle but i've never shown any signs of gyno. It wont affect your gains but you will retain less water.

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    10mg will be fine, shouldn't adversly affect anything...

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