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    My Cycle, please help

    I am taking for 14 weeks Equipoise at 400-600mg and Sustanon at 500mg - 750mg per week. Do you think my goals are realistic:

    Currently at 14% BF, I am 6'1" - 6'2" and 213 pounds. I want to get to 9% BF and keep my weight at around 210 - 215 but get shredded. I am going to diet my ass off eating only lean meats, vegetables, fruit, and supplements. I will work out at 45 min - 1 hour per day in the morning and do cardio + abs 3 days per week at night.

    What do you think?

    Any suggestions - I have been off the juice for 5 years and I am 29 yrs.

    Thanks guys.

    Karate Chop

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    Mix the eq with the sust and divide the mg's so you can shoot it eod. The eq will help cut the sust as usually it can be painful. I think it is the prop, but mg is low so . I know it is alot of shots but it could be every day instead of everyother day.

    Go to the diet forum and the training forums. Cardio, diet, will be the key not the gear...(but the gear will help retain if not gain some lbm)

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    i would do cardio first thing on a morning on an empty stomach and weight's on a night

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    i think your goals are realistic. Shoot the sus. EOD at least.

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