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    Sustanon and deca question

    Ok guys I have a question. On a cycle with 500mg of sustanon a week how much deca should be used? It is my buddies second cycle and he comes to me for advice. he is 48 years old, 220, 9% training for 8 years. (and it really is for a freind. I am already on a sustanon turanabol cycle.)

    heres what it will look like
    10 week cycle
    500mg of sustanon a week
    ???mg of deca a week
    20mg of novla a day

    so how much deca fellas?

    and pheednos pct

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    i would say either 300 or 400 mg per week

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    400mg would be fine. Why is he running 20mg of nolva, is he gyno prone? If not 10mg is plenty.

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    go with 400mg or 350 remember one thing sus dosage should be higher always than the deca dosage and maybe run sus 2 weeks longer because as we all know what deca does to hpta function . I like deca and sus cycles i hope it is bulker and if i were you i would frontload it with dbol or anadrol . Yes 20mg of nolva to keep water down good cycle imo. peace. make sure you do proper pct.

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