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    Liquidex AND nolva for this cycle?

    Week 1 ~10
    500mg test e (250 mon, 250 thurs, Iran test-e)

    Week 1~4
    25mg dbol (5mg MLab tabs) ED
    200mg Milk Thistle ED (200mg GNC tabs)

    (Day 1-30) 0.25mg L-dex + 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva

    1. Should I run 10mg nolva AND 0.25mg Liquidex ED throughout the cycle?

    2. After week 10, there will be a 2 week break before i start my PCT, do I continue to take nolva AND liquidex during those 2 weeks?

    3. Is it better to taper the clomid dosage during PCT or should I keep my PCT as is?

    4. Am I taking the right amount of milk thistle?

    5. Should I continue to take creatine + glutamine during the cycle?

    Any suggestions please let me know!

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    OK I'll be bumping up the milk thistle to 800mg/day during the first 4 weeks of d-bol.

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    # 1 YES you should run 10 ml a DAY OF NOVA AND .25 OF L_DEX
    #2 YES take nova and l-dex for the twe week also
    # 3 300 first day and 100 every day for 4 weeks
    #4 Dont know ?
    #5 glutamine would help,I would not do creatine...But that me

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