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Thread: *** clen

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    *** clen

    Anyone tried ***'s clen latley? Just curious if you guys liked it or not? thanks

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    Feb 2005
    Yeah, I'm just ending my first week on clen . I started with 40 mcg and have done the past 6 days at 80mcg. I plan on going up to 120 mcg tomorrow. I haven't had too many sides or any bad sides. I had a busy week so I had one or two bad days of eating, not real bad, but not great, and didn't get as much cardio in as I would like. I plan on doing height and weight tomorrow, I'll let you know what my results are.

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    Why not use our sponsors at the top of the page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdtr
    Why not use our sponsors at the top of the page?
    Agreed. Great Product and service.

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    Use the sponsor bro.. They have good stuff and your helping out the board.

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