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    Got a clean open on the AMP now how do I draw from it??/

    How do u draw from an amp since u can't turn it upside down?

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    turn it slightly and draw out the juice

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    take a syringe with an appropriately sized needle and insert it into the ampule while holding it at about a 45 degree angle draw the solution by slowly pulling back the plunger until you have emptied the vial... if you contaminate the needle by touching it against anything besides the inside of the anpule or the solution then it is a good idea to use a different needle for injection.

    use rubbing alchohol on the injection site, and dipping the needle in rubbing alchohol and shaking it off briskly is ok if you feel the need .

    hope that helps bud...

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    great thanks i have done AAS before but never with Amps these thing suck!!! Appreciate all the help guys!

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