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    Need help with sus 250

    what would be a good stack with sus to get mass, strength and size.....looking for weight and strength...currently 6-1 240 looking to be about 260.............

    thinking anavar possibly..d-bol.. not sure need help thankkx..

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    xderekx is offline Associate Member
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    Mar 2005
    traditional deca ...add about 400-600mgs weekly with your blended test & you'll gain both size & mass
    everyone will have different opinions on this topic

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    every other day injections of sust are key...

    you could do that with tren EOD/ or equpoise 400mg a week, I would stay away from the decca but anavar is prolly the only oral I think may be worth a crap anymore...

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    wk 1-12 125mg sust EOD (437.5mg a week)
    wk 1-4 Dbol 30mg ED

    10mg nolva ED, PCT start 3 weeks after last sust shot

    If this is your first cycle, I would just use those 2 compounds.

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