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Thread: nolva and letro

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    Exclamation nolva and letro and cyle help!!

    should i take just letro through my cycle and save the nolva for pct with my clomid. i just want to make sure i keep bloat down to minimum and im not sure if i should run the letro and nolva together through out my cycle also i want to know if i can go head and start my cycle today because i missed monday what if i shot today and friday and then back to normal monday? any help please...
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    Some people dont take nolva during cycle some do . I do , it will help keep water down and prevent gyno . The letro will dry you out good though .

    As far as shooting depends on what your using . But i run testE wich i shoot every 3.5 days , somtimes ive forgetton to take my shot...and took it the next day . Not the end of the world......the whole point is to keep levels consistent to avoid sides .

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