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    Hey guys. I know this may be slightly in the wrong forum, but I want as many opinions as possible about good supplements. I'm a novice bodybuilder, only lifting for about 6 months and have recently finished my first ever cycle. Obviously I know about taking protein supplements alongside a high-protein diet, but I wondered what else all of you take, especially when you're off-cycle?? I'm pleased with the protein and glutamine supplements I'm currently taking but all other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    i suggest: multi vitamin, l-glutamine, amino acids, creatine, protein (i cater to isopure) total protein intake should be roughly 1 gram per 1 pound of bodyweight.
    i can ramble on for hours but generally, it's all about what works for you...genetically. try a few different combinations...see what works best

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    Off cycle I use

    10g creatine
    10g glutamine
    5g arginine
    2g Tribulus
    ECAY on and off throughout the year, depending on current goal
    Every now and then throw in some GABA or ZMA or 5-HTP to help with sleep

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