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Thread: Hcg Or Not?

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    Hcg Or Not?

    On the on the 10th i took my last shot of t400. Sinc it the etanate ester in it i plan on starting my pct the 28 or 29 (18 days). I am leaving for vacation the 22. I am curious if i should shoot some hcg before I go on vactaion. I am a litle worried about my tes level dropping to low wile I am on vacation. I am gonna run the pct recomended by pheedno. What do you guys think. And if so how much hcg and when.

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    No need for such a short cycle. I'd only use hcg on cycles over 14 weeks.

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    I personally follow the 500IU/E5D plan now. Just started with last cycle. Even on a short cycle, I personally believe it speeds recovery when used during cycle. Gives the Clomid and L-dex a head start, so to speak.
    I am 1/2 way through a 12 weeker and am using it. My first and only experience made me a believer.
    On a longer cycle, I would probably use it differently.

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