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    First Time User, Please Help

    Hey everyone i will be starting my first cycle in about 1 month i just wanted to come online and see what everyone thought and get some feedback. Im 21yrs 6'3 199Lbs, 17%bf. please let me know if this is a good first cycle and let me know any feedback about how good it is or what i should/shouldnt do.

    Test Enanthate 500mcg / week for 10 weeks.

    then clomids after, but i dont know how many to take per day, i know it is for 2 weeks but how many a day or total?

    just let me know everyone..thnx alot

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    You need to do some research bro. That "cycle" sucks... Sorry but its the truth.

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    Take some serious time to research and do your cycle properly...Don't want to be one of the reasons that the media portrays aas so bad. it comes from some where hey

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMick
    You need to do some research bro. That "cycle" sucks... Sorry but its the truth.

    how does it suck? what would you recommend

    it is standard newbie cycle.

    test e 400-500mg 12 weeks

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    I ran a cycle like that before and and made great gains. Go for 12 weeks though.

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    it sucks because..

    500mcg = 50mg per week..

    In his question it shows that he lacks the knowledge to do a cycle..

    it should be 500mg wk test e 1-12

    pct starting 2 weeks after last shot..

    shots should be done 250mg 2 x a week.. monday and thursday..

    10mg nolva per day through pct..
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    Quote Originally Posted by geo777
    Test Enanthate 500mcg / week for 10 weeks.
    Is this a typo? I hope you meant 500mg/wk. You should really run it for 12 weeks too bro. Do some research on anti e's and PCT too. Very important!

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    500mcg = 0.5 mg
    this is definitely a typo.
    i'm sure he meant 500mg.

    you may also want to take 10mg/day of nolva while ON cycle, but this is optional. you may instead take nolva when gyno symptoms start to appear, by taking 40mg on the day it appears, and 20mg until it dissappear (you may vary this dosage)

    however, PCT is never optional!
    You could do this for PCT (if you dont like the sides of clomid):
    Weeks 1-2 40mg/day Nolva
    Weeks 3-4 20mg/day Nolva

    You start PCT depending on the hormone you use.
    For test E, you start PCT two weeks after last injection.

    This would be a nice cycle:

    Weeks 1-12 Test E 500mg/week (split into two injections/week)
    Weeks 3-14 Nolva 10mg/day (optional)
    Weeks 15-18 PCT

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