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    Am I Doing Something Wrong!?

    At the beginning of last October I started my very first cycle for eight weeks. I was 165lbs, 5'9, looking to bulk up. I ran

    300mg Test E weeks 1-6
    375mg Test E weeks 1-8
    10-20mg Nolvadex ed

    Clomid 2weeks

    I gained almost 15 lbs in the first 4 weeks! I quit my cycle at the beginning of December and I started up again at the beginning of February. This time

    Week 1 165mg Test e
    Week 2-3 330mg Test e
    Week4-6 450mg Test e
    Nolvadex 20mg ed

    I felt weak and tired the first month, unlike my first cycle. I was not gaining nearly as fast as my first cycle, ( if any at all!).

    I added oral Winny 50mg ed and have been taking it for a week now, and I feel very energized! But still, not much gain!!

    Today I found that I have gained only 3 pounds of muscle, and 2 pounds of body fat in the last 2 months.

    Am I doing something wrong?! Everything is covered, sleep 8 hours daily, eating 300-400g protein a day, INTENSE training!!!!
    Just wondering if my gear is bunk, or if this is normal for a second cycle?

    Can I take winny during pct with clomid and nolv??

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    Do you know for a fact you're eating that much protein, or are you estimating?

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    you need to do some searches of example cycles. NO do not take winni during pct!
    do not pyramid doses either

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    i agree with flabby wussy dont pyramid, you should try and go for a 12 week cycle

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    Dont use pyramid and get more calories in you. You hafto eat big to be big.

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    More carbs and fats if you're getting that much protein in... also post up your workouts for critique.

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    Those are some pretty bad cycles. There's no reason to pyramid, and the test e wont kick in for the first few weeks. The 15lbs you gained so early on was probably mostly water weight. Are you actually eating 300-400g of protein or are you just guessing. How many meals a day do you eat, and how often do you work out? Don't think the gear is bunk, otherwise you woudn't have put on that water weight.

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    None of my habits from my first cycle have changed. I eat exactly the same ( if not more) and inject weekly. Everything to a "t" is exact, I just want to know why I gained so much water weight on my first cycle, and none on my second?

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