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    Questions regarding CLENBUTEROL

    My Questions are about CLENBUTEROL :

    Does Clenburteol work?
    Will it make you lose excess weight?
    What are the side effects?
    Is it safer or worse then other weight lose substances such as caffeine or ephedrine?
    What type of weight lose can be expected, i.e. 5Lbs, 10Lbs or 20Lbs per month?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Actually the cycle I have seen and would suggest would be:
    weeks 1-10 Using rambos cutting sticky in the diet forum(so diet)
    weeks 1-10 Training aerobically in the morning on a empty stomach(cardio)

    If you have not done this tried and true method, you will be absolutely amazed.

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    ok i am wondering the same things about Clenbuterol , i do do cardio at jiujitsu 2 times a day a lot of work 5-7 days a week, I have a great diet, and I lift 6days a week. I am 10% body fat but i want to be 6-8% will taking Clen work???/and get me down to that low percent

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