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    Big guys and clen dose

    Hey everyone,

    Just curious, I'm a bigger guy(wouldn't call myself BIG due to the number of true monsters running around this board ) , about 235lbs 15%bf. Anyway, I started clen 2 1/2 weeks ago, ramped up to 250mcg, anyone go higher then this? I did not feel a thing below 200mcg, and even at 250mcg I wasnt shaking hardly at all. However, I have been taking in **** loads of postassium and taurine, so maybe this is minimizing side effects? I am just wondering for a bigger man how high is too high. I am a long time ECA user so I thought my beta2 receptors were kinda "blown out" from all that ephedrine, but at 250mcg, last night I was sweating like crazy. Should I stay at 250mcg for a few days, then go back to 200mcg? I am running a 6 week cycle, currently week 3, began benadryl this week at 50mg at night, seems to be making me more sensative to clen. Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to die, but then agian being fat isn't healthy either.



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    Im 225 and have gone up to 220mcg ED, thats when I started noticing sides. I dont like clen and will stick to a ECAY stack from now on.

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    Thanks bro, I am pretty sure my clen is working and is very legit. I guess I am just not seeing so many side effects due to high intake of postassium and taurine? Or would I still be seeing sides? I've had slight cramps but nothing major and minor sweating. I know its not a miracle drug, but still just wondering if I need to go a little higher 300mcg for a few days then come down slowly over the next 3 weeks?

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