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Thread: Deca/Test E

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    Deca/Test E

    I know it's okay to mix these 2 in the same syringe....but taking 500mg/wk Test E and 300mg/wk Deca , that would put my twice weekly injections at 2.5ml/cc's at a time. I just wanted to make sure it would be okay to dart that much twice a week while just using glutes. Also, am I right on doing the Deca twice weekly along with the Test or any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Thats what I did My 2nd Cycle
    It was ok for me not a problem at all

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    That will be fine

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    My first 2 cycles were the same as your doing now, along with Dbol , great gains, my 3rd/last cycle I bumped it up to every 3rd day for 16 weeks, needless to say, ya gotta hit the gym everyday if possible!

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