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    Ok to take clen during PCT?

    I realize that clen is not actually a steroid , but I just wanted to make sure that it was okay to run it during PCT. It does have a strong anti-catabolic effect so if anything I was thinking it could help. Any opinions?

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    yea was wondering the same thing myself

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    I think it is ok. I took it during my PCT at very high doses (200 mcg/day) and didn't have any negative effects at all.

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    It's fine to run it, it won't have any negative side effects if you are hoping to cut. However, if you are running it for it's anti-catabolic properties, these are overrated in my opinion and you would be better served concentrating on keeping your intensity up in the gym, keeping you calories up, and running a proper PCT.

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    definately worth runny!! is anti-catabolic effects will help keep gains when come off cycle and will also help lose a bit of fat put on from a cyle!

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