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    Cool Clenbuterol at 48 years of age????

    Does anyone here have any experience with clenbuterol in the late forties? I'm 48 and, while I haven't yet taken the plunge into 'roids (bought a cycle of dbol , but have gone off that idea thanks to advice given to me here), I'd like to try out clenbuterol to reduce those annoying extra, unwanted percentages of BF I have sitting on my waist. I know the solution is cardio and diet, and these I aim to sort out as well (although my diet is pretty clean), but I hope that the clen might just add that extra bit to help.

    I've heard that at "my age", I should beware of steroids (I know, clen is not a true steroid ), so what can anyone advise me?

    BTW, I'm 48, 77 Kg (170 pounds), 185 cm (6 feet 1 inch) and have 16,6% BF.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    save it for your first cycles PCT... youl like it better then

    also...your 48 dude, what r u waiting for a time machine... get 12 weeks worth of t-400 and get with it... might wanna squeeze in that first cycle before you start collecting social security...

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    At your age def there's no problem to use some roids, try some Testo along with Primo and u will see the benefits.

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    I used Clen im in my 20's and I hated it I would rather DNP anyday I felt completely horrible from Clen... I didnt mind the DNP sweat but with the clen I had shakes, I felt weak, I felt noxious, HR went up high, BP also went up high. Mind you I did overdose once, I think they also overdosed my Clen bcs I complained bcs I was using 6ml (which should have been 600mcg) but I felt nothing. So I complained allot and they sent me new ones and where nice about it... I used it and OD. Worst f*cking thing in the world seriously.

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    Man I am 50 and I have done one cycle already and planning on doing plenty more. I have some Clen that I was going to use at the end of my next cycle. Be carefull with Clen. Do some research and educate yourself before you start.

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