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    Little Clen story I dug up at

    Time to Die
    Clenbuterol HCl
    by Clenbuterol

    DOSE : 6.5 mg oral Clenbuterol (powder / crystals)
    Ack what a nightmare.

    1 gram Clenbuterol was obtained, later it was measured and dissolved into water to make the proper amount ratio per ml.

    But looky here:

    Some clenbuterol, what seemed to be very little stayed on the tool which was used to move the clenbuterol from one container to another.

    Hey there (I thought in stuper), why dont I taste the remain and see what happens. (Can you think of something more ingeniues?--looking back, it was one of my most stupid and dangerous decisions of my life)

    Apparently an amount of approximately 5 - 8 miligram of clenbuterol was sublingually ingested, possibly more. (normal dose is at the microgram area), for those who dont know Clenbuterol is active at even 100 mcg.

    with the ~5000-8000 mcg that was ingested, some 50-80 times stronger the active dose, some unwanted effects might occur if you plan to live a healthy life, dont mistake where I have.

    T+30: Strange feeling, as if consciousness had changed, but not similiar to anything I ever felt.

    T+1h: Feeling somewhat better than normal (if only I would know what was ahead of me....) Is this clenbuterol i thought?

    T+2h: Heart rate is higher, but not alarming.

    T+3h: Eyes are open wide, and face is feeling stretched, something is building up, and fast.

    T+4h: Eyeballs seem to receive some greenish color besides the normal white... and quite amount of axienty had built up, dizzyness and nausea, but somewhat consciousness enhancement, certainly not a good time.

    T+5h: feeling quite ill, heart begins to speed up, and for the next 24 hours the heart rate stays at a steady alarming 125-135 beats per minute (WHILE LYING DOWN WITH HEAD ON PILLOW), i could hear my heart with my ear as the vains in my head and the entire body are all swallen up and beating, I can feel the blood pumping intensively, and I feel as I am ready to explode. My girlfriend urges me to get an ambulance, but I disagree, hoping its going to be fine and reassuring her i'm 'okayyyy.'

    My entire body was dancing to the beats of my heart; and it was the worst tune you could ever imagine.

    T+6h: From here on after for the next 18 hours, intense pressure in my head and limbs had built up, eyes got more wide open, and skin more stretched.

    T+12h: It feels as if my heart cant take it anymore as i feel it loosens in some fraile way, and begins to irregularly beat, which is extremely uncomfortable, and quite dangerous.

    T+13h: I get dehydrated rather easily, and my tempeature is 38 degrees celceus.

    T+15h: for the past hour the tempeature has risen +1 degree. I am now considering the ambulance theory (in my head), as I feel I cant take much more of this.

    T+16h: The pressure in the head is unbearable and keeps on increasing, the pain arises as if the skull pressures the brain and there is a psychological feeling as if brain fluid is frying the brain, from the temperature

    T+17h: A cold shower really helped ... ALOT.

    T+19h: Another shower helped.

    T+20h: I'm quite tired and exhusted, but in agonizing head pain fearing taking any sedatives since i dont know what interacts with this and how; i take 750mg Paracetamol.

    T+21h: Feeling a bit better, but still -- headache is anguishing, I am utterly exhusted and afraid to fall asleep, although possibly, i can.

    T+24h: Heart rate down to 120 per minute, and tempeature had decreased by two degrees the past two hours, a nice opportunity to get some sleep

    T+32h: Woke up.... (Thank God, I'm alive!) heart rate is still at a steady 120 beats per minute while lying down #!$#!$#!$!%

    T+42h: heart rate down to a steady 105 beats per minute

    t+70h: 65 beats per minute, lying down.

    For the following week, intense vain, skin, and eye pain was felt, besides the utter exhustion and the sharp pain in the center of the head.

    Thank God, For He saved me from my stupidity That only my faith kept me going, thougout this living nightmare.

    There were many side effects during the experience, of pseudohallucenogenic nature: closed and open eye visual effects, very hard stimulation; food was tasteless and meaningless, and would result in vomiting; nothing could be drank besides water, or heartburn would occur, and it did, from drinking Cola, alone. Increased sweating, and increased resperation, hard amphetamiine-like jitterness which lasted throughout the entire horryfing experience, highly-extremely increased metabolic rate,
    tempeature changes, general change in consciousness, ear popping, and some more things.

    Overall, This was my first experience with this pseudosteroidical
    substance, which i didnt take seriously, and i paid the price, and i'm lucky i'm alive to report it.

    Dont be stupid. If you cant measure something properly, and or not sure of its potency - DO NOT DO IT: as tempting or curiousing as it may be, you might not be as lucky as I was.

    What a nightmare
    Thank God its over.
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    Added: Jun 4, 2001

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    I bet you he railed it.

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    Sounds like the time I drank all that 151 Rum thinking it was the same as every other Rum......BBBUUUUUURRRPPP

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    This is the 3rd time this has been posted

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