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Thread: prop or enan

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    prop or enan

    I am ready to start a 6 week cutting cycle with fina. I'm having trouble getting prop would a light dose of enan suffice? I know it won't be as good but the **** prop won't find me. Also, I'm doing 100 mg of the pharmaceutical androgel a day which is enan according to the insert but I don't know how strong it really is. I've been on it six weeks and I am definitely recovering better but no nut shrinkage or other sides so It's hard to compare to injectables as far as strength. I've never done fina so I haven't really gotten my own preferences on it yet so I wanted some opinions. Thanks Fellas.

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    I dont think enanth will be that good for such a short cycle, as it takes 3-4 weeks to kick in, so you could end up loosing muscle in that time if you were dieting hard. I think you'd be OK using enanth on a longer cutting cycle (10+ weeks) esp if you added some ldex (obviously with cardio & good diet)

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    Lke he said above Test E takes 3 -4 wks to kick in.
    Just to help you out 6 wks is pointless you need at least 8 to 10 for good results!
    With a good diet and cardio you can cut on Test E!

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    Well I'm dieting like a mofro. I'm 6'3/4", 225, 15%bf, 38y/o. My diet and routine are as follows.

    2400 Calories
    All clean and lean. Chicken, fish, oatmeal, efa's etc..

    1 hour of cadio every day usually before breakfast.
    lifting mwfs hard for 1 1/2 or 2 hours.
    monday--chest bi's
    wed--quads calves
    fri--back tris
    sat--hams shou
    50mg fina ed
    100 mg androgel ed(about like 50 enan if it was injectable)
    getting clen soon and maybe cytomel
    looking to drop down to about 205 then come back up lean and steady. Wanna do my first show at 40y/o. Any advice is always appreciated and considered. Peace Bros--ALLGONOQUIT!
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