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Thread: Clen

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    How does this look for a clen 2 weeker??

    Day 1 20mcg
    Day 2 40mcg
    Day 3 60mcg
    Day 4 80mcg
    Day 5 100mcg
    Day 6 100mcg
    Day 7 100mcg
    Day 8 100mcg
    Day 9 100mcg
    Day 10 100mcg
    Day 11 100mcg
    Day 12 100mcg
    Day 13 80mcg
    Day 14 60mcg

    Is 100mcg good or too high?
    oh and how much taurine ed...2g? and worth taking pottassium?

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    That looks fine, I never bothered with tapering the dossage down don't really need to IMO as clen doesn't leave you tired or anything when you quit using it, there is no crash. Also, keep in mind that you may go higher or lower than your planned dosing regimen based on how your body reacts.

    As for taurine, 5g is good, potassium is good too.....lots of water.

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