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    Anavar / Test Prop PCT

    I am running an Anavar / Test Prop cycle. 40 MG ED BTG. 50 MG EOD Virormone. I am about half way through. I was planning on running Clomid for 3 weeks at 50 MG ED as soon as I finish the 8 week cycle. Any comments on this (timing, dosing, length)?

    Also, would it be beneficial to take maintenance Arimidex or Nolvadex for the rest of my cycle? Getting kind of paranoid with all the gyno posts that I read on the board. Is there any reason not to / risks, etc.? I can get them easily so I am not worried about cost / availability. If so, at what dosages?


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    To get gyno from that dose of prop you would have to be very very very very prone to it. Adex is certainly a no-no, very over kill. 10mg Nolva EOOD if your that concerned.

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