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    Unorthadox weekly intake of steroids

    I have questions about the intake of certain steroids that should be taken daily or every other day, but can't because I fly weekly. I've read about how different people pack their gear to get through airports safely but its not really a risk I would like to take. So my question is about growth and sustanon . I can take either or mon, tues, wed and thurs. If I take say 6 iu's of growth mon-thurs, would that make up for the fri-sun I can't or does it not work like that? Same goes with the sus? Does it mess up the cycle, or my system, to take it and then completely cut it out for 3 days?

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    I see no reason why you could not do gh like that as you are taking 3 days off vs. 2 days like many do. It may take a bit longer tho but eventually your levels will rise. There have been many early studies that were high doses/less frequency (high doses in the studies were less than 12iu's a week) still raised igf-1 levels to around 350ng/dl which is like a 20-30 yr old.

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