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Thread: Proviron

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    I had a question about what to take after a cycle. I heard it was good to take proviron . I looked at some web sites. Some made it sound like a good idea and others made it sound like taking proviron would be a waste of time. Can anybody help me out?? Is proviron the way to go? Is there something else?? The web sites i looked at also mentioned nolvadex but it sounded like proviron did the same thing plus a little more. Thanks for the help!

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    you don't want to take proviron after a cycle. it's an inhibitory compound. you need to take SERMS, nolvadex and clomid.

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    Never heard of someone wanting to use proviron for PCT. It's usually used durring a cycle not after.

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    i would use nolva. only run proviron if u need a libido boost. i wouldnt use it for PCT either. clomid/nolva would be better ofr PCT

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    IMHO, I like Proviron , always run it twice a day @25mg (while on test). I purchased it in bulk a while back, never had any signs of gyno while on it, except for my most recent cycle that I started without Proviron! About a month into my cycle I started to get some discomfort under one of my nips when I would ly down on that side!

    I could palpatate a small lump under my nip about the size of a pencil erasure, never painful just discomfort!

    I have a medical physican friend who is a good mentor, however I still come here for information and advice, he said that it was just some breast tissue forming, did a ultra sound in his office and much to our surprise, the lump under my nip didn't show up, so a tumor was ruled out, and after some anti bod's, the lump went away in 2 weeks! So we came down to the conclusion that Proviron works great for me in blocking E build up, if you have the extra $$$'s I don't think you could go wrong taking it, never heard any post saying that it hurt their gains!

    Just my 2cents!

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