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    Thumbs up Started a new light cycle, going well so far

    Maybe some of you remember a while back I posted asking how soon I could go back on cycle if my lab results came out 100% ok, which they did only about a month after pct. I waited another 2 weeks past that making it 6 weeks since PCT was finished and started a new very mild cycle around 2 weeks ago.

    My previous cycle was a pretty heavy one consisting of Test, Tren and Dbol for 20 weeks. I made some good LBM gains on it and lost a little BF at the same time, even though that wasn't the goal but it turned out alright lol.

    Since then I've completely revamped my diet and training since my gains had really platued, things were going so well natty that I thought hell I could really make some progress on a light cycle , and I'm also curious how well I'll gain taking only 6 weeks off and dropping from 1 gram of prop and 700mg of tren to what I'm taking now which is 500mg of Test E.

    So far I'm up 9lbs in 2 weeks which I don't attribute much if any to the Test, but my changes in diet instead (alot more carbs + cals). Hopefully I can prove you don't need to increases dosages with every passing cycle in order to grow, its all in the diet!

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    Good work, bro - keep us posted.

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    Good luck bro.

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    good luck holmes

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    Goodluck bro.

    I agree with out on the idea that you dont need to up your dosages every cycle in order to make new gains. If it takes 3 years for some of us to reach our natural limit at about 100mgs of test per week, how can people expect to reach their maximum at 500mgs of test in only 12 weeks?

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