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    2nd cycle for summer

    Hi everyone

    Ive previously done a short 5 week cycle of 250 Test E and 2ml amp of Deca and now want to go on a longer cyle and get looking good for summer as ive a little bit of weight to move!!

    What do you think of this?

    Wk1 - 8 250 Test E
    Wk1 - 7 2ml Deca
    Wk6 - 8 Clen

    10mg Nolva ED and Clomid Post Cylce

    Should i also use winny or Cytomel ?


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    cycle is too short. Those are both long esters and they need to run longer. Test E needs to be run at least 10 weeks, 12 being better, and you would stop the deca 1 weeks before the test E for PCT times to match up.

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    good post above

    If its a summer body your after i wouldn't use deca unless your using arimidex or don't naturally hold water, cos you may end up lookin bloated and i don't know about the clen , maybe use that in your PCT would be a better option,

    Depending on your goal and you sound like you wanna get cut a little then a great cycle would be

    Test Prop and Var or turinabol if you can get these

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    if this is yor 2 and for the summer i would do

    var or winny

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