I want to start my 4th cycle soon. I want to run Dbol at 30mg for 4 weeks, I also have some Deca , Test E, and a very small amt. of Sust left over. I want to do a summer mega cycle, Deca & Test E every 3rd day for 16weeks

My last cycle was 1 cc of Deca and Test E , every 3rd day for 16 weeks, with 25mg of Proviron TID, just a little bloat and some sore nips, no major signs of gyno.

I was wondering when would be a good time to introduce the 3rd cc of the left over Sust into my cycle? Beginning or middle?

Also, I know there is major debate over when to run HCG , some say during some say with PCT, with out going into a major debate, IF you do use HCG, when do you use it?

Also, In stead of running the 3rd cc of Sust, I was really interested in running some Fina with the other 2 cc's but I think this is over kill and I read that Deca and Fina don't make a good match, comments welcomed!