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    Fake or Real Tren and Winny?

    I have search this forum and various other ones too and I unable to determine if the gear I am being offered is real or fake.

    The first is Winny tabs. They are round and blue. They have no markings, lines, or labels. Im thinking if this is some underground stuff. I think they are 50mb tabs.

    Second, Tren -100. The label on the front says International Pharmaceuticals. It claims it contains 100mg/ml of tren in a 20cc bottle. I've never seen this much concentration before on any of the forums that i have looked at and it has me confused.

    I'll try to post some pix once I figure out how to but anyones input would be appreciated.


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    winny tabs or are they caps??? You can produce tren acetate powder easily at that concentration. It is rare because 75mgs per day is usually enough. Post some pix or email them to me or a mod.

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    it not possible to tell if there real or fake without a picture.

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