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    2 weeks on, update

    Hey bros, just an update to my current cycle

    40mg oral turinabol a day

    i ran this one alone due to the fact that it is an oral, i don't use oral very often and to be honest i get paranoid about the ol liver, but im drinking plenty of water and taking milk thistle so i should be fine... anyway

    Bodyweight up 8 lbs

    overall strenght a very noticable increase, but most important so some reason my stamina is up almost 100%.

    I run alot and went from running 1.5 miles in about 10.50 min to 9.5 minutes, all while keeping bodyweight up, i run about 10 miles a week

    I will run this for another 3 weeks, take 3 off and run test E for the next 20-24 weeks,
    Later bros Triceptor

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    mate that sounds good! im planning on running tbol soon!!

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