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Thread: Cycle Question

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    Smile Cycle Question

    Hey Guys, What do you think?

    Anabol - 10mg oral x 3 ed am,noon,pm = 30mg x 5wks
    Sustanon - 250mg inject (dosage and when?) 10wks
    Deca - 200 inject (dosage and when?) 10wks
    PCT- Clomid- Day 1- 100mg oral 3x am,noon,pm = 300mg
    Days 2-11 100mg oral am
    Days 12-22 50mg oral am

    5ft 6, 160 lbs, 40 years old, work out every other day, diet,and healthy. Looking to put on some size and then lean down.
    Thanks for your help!
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    if this is your first cycle, i wouldn't go with sus. It needs to be shot EOD to keep blood levels stable. A single ester test like enanthate or cyp. would be better.

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    1st cycle was over a year ago, and it was w/cyp, I had fair gains, about 12lbs. If I stayed w/the sust. , just split the dose on Monday, Wednesday, Friday? A Little more feed back please..... Thanks

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    You don't have to calculate your sust dose by the week. If you go MO WE FRI like that, then the weekend gives you three days between doses... not optimum at all. Why not go 1/2 amp with 100mg deca EOD? Your "per week" dose will be somewhat higher, yeah... but not very high at all... works out to 437.5mg/week. Or crack open your sust amp and pre-load 3 syringes with equal amounts... 1/3cc, 83mg, shoot EOD for a weekly dose of 292mg, which is still a very conservative dosage. Split up your deca the same ratio and shoot them together in the same syringe. So you would shoot MO, WE, FRI, SUN, TUE, THU, SA, MO, like that.

    Also I would recommend running the sust for another two weeks after the last deca shot, or at least one week. IOW add one, or better yet, two weeks of sust-only to the end of your cycle. This will help your recovery and probably help keep the deca dick at bay.

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