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    Would You Run Tren Again?

    About 7 months ago I did a cycle that included Tren A, that lasted for a month because I broke out on my back very bad. Now after 6 months of Acutane treatment and still on lightly, would you try and run it again if that happened to you? I wanna add it to my cutter cycle and if I see any side, stop it, should I or should I not? would you or would you not?

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    I dont react badly from Tren so I plan on taking it again. But for you I guess it just depends on if you want acne again. If you got the first time, the chances of you getting it again are pretty high.

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    After I took it the first time I said I would never do it again. But at the end of my last cycle I threw it in anyway. Then I was going to try a test only cycle for my 7th, but ended up adding dbol > then Anavar > then Primo> then T3> then Tren e. So I have a love/hate relationship with tren(fina). If you have challenges go with acetate it will clear faster. After this next cycle though I may never use it again

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    I am definately doing it again.

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    Stuff makes me nuts...I'll stick with my test..

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