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    steroid measurements

    How does the measurements work out when you buy? For instance if I need 1600 mg deca and someone's selling it 200mg/2ml what does that mean? Im buying propenate which is being sold 250mg/10ml vial, how much is that actually??

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    I don't think you are ready to step to the dark side, just guessing from your questions but here are some answers:

    - You need a lot more than 1600mg of deca for any cycle but using 1600 as an example, you will need 8 amps of the 200mg/2ml

    - 250mg/10ml vial = 250mg/ml so you have 10ml which totals 2500mg of test.

    Hope that helps but again I am sure you are not ready for a cycle yet, I would read and research for few more months if I were you..

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    200mg/2ml would mean 100mg/ml and each amp contains 2ml's which is 200mg total in each amp. I am just curious if you just picked 1600mg of deca for an example or is that would you have planned to use because that is not enough deca for a cycle. Also, the propionate is probably 250mg/ml and it a 10ml vial, which means there is 2500mg of propionate in each 10ml vial.

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