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Thread: Info on Anavar?

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    Question Info on Anavar?

    Hi all, got a ? for you, hope you can help. In brief, i am 23, i play hockey at a fairly high level. I have been religiously working out for as long as i can recall and have NEVER taken or considered taking on steroids . Now that college is done, ive been considering trying to take my game pro, and looking for an edge, a friend recommended these pills called anavar . I have done my research as far as the scientific facts of the substance are concerned. It appears to be relatively low in toxicity, and should offer at least a noticible boost in size and strength. However, being as my one friend is the only actual person ive discussed this with, i was hoping maybe someone here may have actually tried this stuff and could offer me some insight as to their personal experiences with it. I do understand this is a low llevel thing, and will not perfrom a miracle for me, im just looking for a light, kick in the pants kinda thing to help push me to where i wanna be. I would greatly appreciate any info you guys could offer me on Anavar, and/or a superior, same level alternative. Im a big baby in some ways and dont really like needles, however im open to anything you guys would suggest. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to share with me.

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    This is a great post on oxandrolone.
    Quote Originally Posted by _Chris_

    It is one of my favorite steroids . Increases strength, LBM, vascularity and is one of the safest steroids available. It's pricey stuff, but I always manage to throw it in all my cycles, or use it by itself to retain muscle while I'm cutting. You should like the results.

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    Hey I've come from a similar situation to you although i'm a few months in front of you. Now your spot on var is low in toxicity and theres not a lot I can tell you that the other posts and the search button cannot. All I will say is great for hockey...I think. See I am a track athlete and I put on a lot of strength and I reduced my 100-400m times big time without putting on much weight at all, however any time I had a rep to do my recovery was screwed. Lactic Acid seemed to be a huge killer with my interval work, I don't know any explanations for this. Any help would be great?

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