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  • Yes. After water leaves, you basically come back to where you begun.

    9 64.29%
  • No. After water leaves, you end up with (significantly) more muscle.

    5 35.71%
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    nqbqbep is offline New Member
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    All anadrol does is cause water retention ?

    I've seen this opinion coming up in many threads but then again I know that all pros use it and consider it essential when bulking. I have some drol and I'm considering taking it, so I want to know what it can do for me. So what do you think ?

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    Most of the gains come from water so it's easy to lose everything you gained. It is good when bulking as long as youre not using it by itself.

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    I am tired, it is 6:44am, so I have to give the short answer. It is almost worthless without using an injectable in conjunction with it. Preferably test.
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    bowie is offline Member
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    IMO the only thing d-dol or a-bombs is good for, is for people that can't wait a month or so the see some gains. Me I don't need the water and I have a thing about my liver.

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    i ran a-boms mid cycle with t4 and deca ...worked great..results noticeable and gains were semi-permenant...i didnt keep it all obv...but i noticed the size increase and some of it stayed with me cuz of the deca and t4 to "solidify" the gains....d-bols dont have the same affect on me

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