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    Advice please regarding fat loss

    Hey all...Been training around 2 years now and i have made some great gains,the problem is though,no matter how i diet,and how much cardio i do,i always seem to hold fat around the abb area.I was thinking about taking t3 with clen .What do you guys think?and also is it possible to get t3 still?and whats the best way to take it?drops tabs etc?.any help would be great.

    thankyou regards keef

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    hey, yep its possible to get t3 (cytomel )

    and i believe you use a pyramid scheme, where doses depend upon weight, there's a load about it on here, do a search bro

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    t3 will get fat off,but it will also eat your muscle.
    imo you are not doing something right. you should eat 5-6 smaller meals troughout a day and increase cardio,maybe 4 times a week.
    few years back i got really fat(eventough i have fairly good genetics) due to my back injury,and i started going to the swimming pool(very good way to lose fat,all of your muscles work) and combined it with some other aerobic activity. after recovery i got to 8-9% bf which i hold still.

    and yes,like map said,do a research,there are tons of threads about T-3

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    llok into a eca stack and clen befor you do t3

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