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Thread: T3 dosage

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    T3 dosage

    There was a post on how to cycle T3. It showed dosing up and down. "T3" is too small for a search. Does anyone have the link or dosing?

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    do a search on CYTOMEL

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    Read the threads found within the following: Here Are Some T3 Threads For

    It covers a majority of the questions you'll encounter....

    No two people require the same dose, it's all temperature related. First thing you need to do is start monitoring your Basal body temp for the next four days to get an idea of what range your temp is in, then you can dose yourself accordingly from there, for optimal fat loss and minimal muscle loss. That's what Mallet says to do....(after reading the threads I posted, you'll know who that is)....

    I'm currently on 100mcg/day of t3, and am starting to lean out.... have been on 100mcg for 4 days, and was on 50mcg for a week and a half prior to that. Diet has everything to do with it.

    Keep in mind that t3 has the potential to be quite catabolic, and it's often suggested that you run test with it to counteract this. At low dose, the effects are minimal, but still present, as with higher doses, the effects follow suit...

    Over the counter fat burners are great to take with T3, especially at a low dose. I get really hungry on 50mcg, and a stimulant (such as green tea, caffeine) will help suppress your appetite a bit as well....

    I will be taking it for a duration of 6weeks....

    Some people prefer to cycle it 7days on, 5 days off..... depends on your dose, goals, etc....

    Do your research, read the threads I've linked for you, and make your own educated decision... after all, it's your body, don't rely on some blind face over the internet to determine what you should do to your body.......

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