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Thread: Quick fix

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    Quick fix

    I am transfering from a division 3 to division 1 school, and will be playing on their lacrosse team spring of 2006. The problem is, the D1 team's scouts will be watching our team play in late May and early-mid June, and i need to improve on a few things. Specifically:

    Improve my 40 from a 4.9 to around a 4.7
    Improve my 20 from a 2.9 to around a 2.6
    Go from 165 pounds @around 13% bodyfat to 185 @ maybe 8-9%

    I will be continuing a lifting program, which our school sponsors. Specifically it is the 'Bigger Faster Stronger' program, with the first set of each exercise having 8 reps, and the second set going to failure. The program incorporates bench press, squats, deadlifts, RDL's, power clean, and jammer press. I can adjust the reps to my taste, but i must incorporate all of the lifts named.

    In need of better performance, i have toyed with the idea of steroids , but i have no idea where to start...which ones to take, how much. I was originally excited about Dianabol , but the more i read about it, the more i am discouraged due to its side effects and rapid loss of gains.

    Essentially, i am looking for a plan that will help me achieve my goals, hopefully withing 8 weeks or so (more time is fine, but that's a general guideline), and be as kind to my body as possible while having the ability to keep gains. What do you guys (and girls, perhaps) recommend?

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    Well start reading on here the more you know the better.

    Since it's your 1st I'd reccommend that you go
    1-12 Test Enthenate 500mg wk.

    But if you have NCAA testing then perhaps you should go

    Test Propinate 100mg ED or EOD

    since this stuff is outta your system pretty quick.

    That should be all. don't need anything else since this is your first cycle.

    ohh ya and some proper PCT!

    You lift your ass off and eat right and plenty and you should be able to meet your goals.

    ohh.. BTW you weight 165 and run a 4.9? they must make you lacrosse kids slow, i ran a 4.8 in college and weighted 255

    G'Luck Bro


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