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    Question about NCAA steroid testing

    I'm getting tested in august most likely, and im stacking bold Qv 200 and sustanon 250, and i'm worried about testing, not so much about the sust but the detection of the EQ. Can anyone help me out on how long this might stay in my system. And, is it being in your system the same as it being in my urine. Is there a way to flush out my system? I just started this 10 week cycle. Any info and help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    You'd have to use some of the old methods of faking the test... my advice to you is get off the juice. If you're a tested athlete you need to be smarter than that. Stick to quick esters that get out of the body fast. Stuff like anavar , prop, suspension... catch my drift?

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    I agree with EC. As a tested athlete stick to short estered test and orals only. EQ can take about 5 months to clear the system. BF% will have some effect on clearance time as well.

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    By the way how old are you, what is up with the 1987 in the end of the name. If you were an NCAA athlete you would know around when you are going to be tested, I hope you are not going into college which is what I gather from your name and you scenario.

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