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    which to use during this cycle?

    hey guys,
    i have plenty of nolva, clomid, and letro. I had originally planned on using arimidex , but was mistakenly sent the letro. I am now not sure of which,if any, i should use during the following cycle:
    Test prop 75mg ED
    EQ 400mg/week (shot twice @ 200mg each)

    I have read that letro may shut me down too much. Should i therefore use the nolva? Not gyno prone, but I don't want to push the issue. also, any ideas for the hair?

    And yes, this was originally posted in PCT, but I was the only one viewing that page.

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    Letro will not shut you down.... AI's can cause you to have a low sex drive but not shut you down.

    You could just run20mg of Nolva straight through the cycle on that cycle.

    EQ can be hard on the hair if you are pre-disposed to baldness.

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    If you are not gyno prone i would just run 10mg of nolva throughout then bump to 20mg for PCT.

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