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    beginner what to do

    im 6'2'' and weigh in about 173 lbs i lost 97 lbs on dieting i did not lift any weights during my diet and because of that stupid mistake i lost alot of muscle. i have a friend whose telling me to take sus,winstrol ,deca and hgh all on a 8 week cycle. im curiouse because he gained muscle but i would like to know if anyone has a good beginners cycle i could use. i dont care about getting to much mass just cut and strong. i also suffered from gyno naturally growing up should i take anything during my first cycle to prevent it from happening again.i did have surgery to remove it a year ago, any info greatly appreciated

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    Bro you need to dial in your training and diet before using AAS - there is a ton of info here and it's free - read up and take your time - learn all the facts before putting potentially life altering chemicals into your body - safety first

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    If it was me now I would hit the weights for at least 6 weeks before any aas. Then I would run:

    Test Cyp-500mgs weeks 1-12
    Winstrol 50mgs ed weeks 6-12

    Make sure you hit the wieghts and cardio like a mad man. Make sure your sore the next day workin every muscle group.
    Take anti esters throughout your cycle and run a pct.
    Do a search on Pct.

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    I'd say alot more like 12 weeks to get good results. Thats quite a hit to not lift for that long. How long did it take you to lose 100lbs? 3-4 months?

    I'd hit the gym natural for the same amount of time and then maybe consider some Juice.

    G'Luck man


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    congrats on the progress you have made so far. sounds like you have the dedication and drive to get whatever results you want. start with lots of information

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