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Thread: wait a second?

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    wait a second?

    Im in my 5th week of 500mgs test E and 400mgs Eq is 50mg/50ml so I have to shoot 2ccs eod to get the 400mgs question is...I think Im doing the injection math wrong because look at this:

    monday 1cc test +2cc EQ
    tues none
    wed 2cc EQ
    thurs none
    Friday 1cc test + 2cc Eq
    sat none
    sun 2cc EQ

    continue tuesday with test and Eq and keep going til pct..that was my plan..
    now Im thinking its wrong as far as the levels are concerned?..AM I trippin?
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    Not a well known name.
    You would want to continue shooting the test on Mondays and Thursday to maintain stable blood levels. If you are shooting the EQ eod, then continue to do that, so your second week would look like
    Monday - test
    Tues - eq
    Wed - none
    Thurs - test/eq
    Fri - none
    Sat - eq
    Sun - none

    Either that or just shoot the EQ twice a week with the test.

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