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    First cycle already in progress

    Whats up all?

    Im an FNG, F*****g New guy! anyway, I posted this info in the FNG section but thought this would be the more appropiate place.

    I found this site about 2 weks ago, after starting my first cycle of Sustanon , wish i would have foundthis site sooner!

    anyway: I am 3 weeks into a sus only cycle, only 250 a week........i have seen some pretty good gains so far. I am one of the idiots that pretty much started working out and cycle at the same time, although i have been working out for 2-3 years now, i was in the Army and more or less workig out to stay fit and lean, not size.

    Im currently in iraq now working as a security contractor and dudes that im working out with put me on to the Sus..... anyway this is the recomendationi got from them

    sustanon 250 '250" a week for weeks 1-6

    weeks 6-8 500 a week

    then back to 250 for the remainder of a 10 week cycle.

    i know its a low dose, but its my first.............guys i know that have used this say they have had good gains, and a good start......none are using Nlova or clomid......they have told me at such a low dose, they havent needed it. untill their second cycle, where they have thrown in either decca, or dbol

    I am 27 years old, 5'11 and weigh in at 176 lbs.........168 2 1/2 weeks ago

    my diest is as good as I can get it for being in Iraq, i eat about 7 good size meals a day, and get in about 3 nitro tech bars and 3 protien shakes, have all the time I need for working out.

    currently working 1-2 groups a day, with average 2 days off per week

    Any advise for this FNG would be highly appreciated!

    oh, also, I havent stoped taking the NOX2.............should I?

    Thanks guys! the site, glad i found it


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    wow the cycles sux, sust has to be injected eod or e3d. if u inject weekly blood levels will not be stable. ramping is also a bad advice, u should have a stable level all thru the cycle. 3 weeks ramp up to 500mg will bring nothing then more sides.

    gains? well if u main water, thats what u get in the first weeks.

    and of course u need a pct, no matter what those guys are saying. 250mg sust is surpressing ur test production, so u will need clomid.

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    First off.....THANKS for doing what you're doing over there for me and everyone else!!

    Agreed w/ XXX............sux......

    DON'T RAMP up for two weeks then back down......logically why would you want your hormone levles ALL OVER the charts......keep them stable.......thats the key.......hence why XXX suggested more frequent injections.......

    No PCT...........GOOD...........that means no hardon after cycle....and no keepable'll lose it're boys are worng........PCT is the most IMPORTANT thing

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    rodger that

    so PCT a it! would that be the clomid, 3 weeks after last injection?

    now, should i just stay at the 250 a week, or ramp it up for the next 7 weeks?

    first cycle conciderd of course!

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    id say ramp it up to 500, 250 is too low imo

    gl bro


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