This may belong in the lab forum, but I need a quick answer and was hoping someone here could help.

I am getting 5g's of Clen powder (prices on this are very cheap)...but, isnt this a rediculous amount considering dosages are at the 200microgram range?

I found a receipe for 1g which converts to 8000mL's dosed at 125mcg/mL
at that rate, thats like 4000 days, right? Am I missing something obvious here? 5g's is 5x the amount...thats more than I could use in a lifetime.


1,000mg powder @ 125mcg/mL

1,000mg/125mcg/mL (.125mg) = 8,000mL total volume

Will be put in solution with in 7,999mL of distilled water

---no additional solvents needed---

in your case just use 9,999mL of distilled water