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Thread: cutting

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    hey, i'm 5'9 170lbs 11% bf 25 years old. I wish to have much lower bf. ihave done a few bulking cycles but gained alot of fat w/the muscle. I have droped to 170 being on the atkins diet. so i'm now sensitive to carbs. what kind of diet should i be on with this cycle. how much protein/carbs/fat/calories. P.S i gain weight easily. also i tried a low cal(2000) diet with a different cutting cycle and seen very little anabolic effects.
    test prop 100mg ed weeks 1-12
    tren 75mg ed weeks 1-8
    winny 50mg ed weeks 8-12

    please help me get ripped!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You need to post this in the diet forum.

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    right behind you
    the winny in that cycle should rip you up enough. 7%, thats plenny friggin low as is.

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    go for the classic cutter great cycle perfecto for cutting go low carb and high protein and low calories . you will burn fat and put on muscle that is why i love tren so much smart thing to do is throw winny at the end to get rid of the bloat from test prop do cardio remember cardio and strict diet is key just because your on roids doesnt mean you stop doing cardio . steroids will not get rid of fat cardio and strict diet well i should know because im saluu the roid monkey.

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    that stack would do it alright, make sure you have your diet dialed in bro, that's what will cut you up.

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