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    Lightbulb can i add something to this cycle im already on?

    im on 500mg test e,300mg deca ew for 8 weeks i was going to continue the cycle 5 more weeks and i was going to use 500mg test cy,and 400mg eq will this be ok?will the eq kick in or what i need some help thansk everybody

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    I'd continue with the deca for the extra 5 weeks, it would have hardly had a chance to kick in at 8 weeks and using eq for 5 would be pretty much pointless.

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    The esters in the AAS are too long to switch up like that.

    You could extend the deca to week 10 and the Enan to week 12 and then start PCT week 14

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    I agree, Continue withe the Deca . Dont switch.

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