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    Exclamation Need Advice On Getting A Course Through Customs...

    i live in england and am moving to majorca quite soon, still in the european union. i am planning on taking 18ml sustanon and 300 winstrol tablets, along with some HCG and pins/syringes. The law states in england that it is not illegal to own or possess/take steroids , but if you are caught with enough to supply or are caught supplying then its a different story. I have been told that i will be fine taking this amount through customs, and the worst that could happen, if i were caught, is that my juice mite be taken off me. if anybody can help me out here i would be very grateful, as i dont really fancy ruining my summer, or wasting my money lol. cheers

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    I'm no expert, but I would think just putting it in your checked luggage would get it through. If its legal for personal use, I don't see why you wouldn't just check it.

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    i usually just chuck my gear in my toilet bag, and put it in my suitcase. Not been stopped so far, and don't think the sniffer dogs are trained for roids.

    good luck bro

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    Put it in your suitcase mate in the toilet bag as fridgeman said, put the winstrol in a vitimin tablet container so if it gets scanned then it looks just like vitimin tablets.

    Best not put it inhand luggage though mate because all hand luggage gets scanned so theyll see them and ask what they are, then probably confiscate them. Id put them in your jacket pocket (make sure they are the glass amps, no metal on them) and walk through the metal detector...make sure you dont have any metal on you though or it will go off, then youll end up being searched and theyll find the amps on you.

    I wouldnt put it in hand luggage though mate, the fat women looking at the scanning screen will probably think they are bio weapons stored in amps or something and alert security immeadiately.

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