I am sure this has been asked numerous times and should be flamed for this, but I am in need of some advice. 29 year old male, 6'1 235lbs after first go around with gear, I am at 19% BF and was looking for advice of where to start with workouts and nutrition needs in order to drop the fat and reatain the gains. I know that I should up the protein, watch carbs, but am looking for more detail info as far as where the carbs should be in order to lose BF and not lose the gains. Workouts have changed from 1 body part per day, to push/pull on three days...ie Chest/Tris Monday, Back/Bi's Wed. also 10 reps instead of 6/8. I think that this would be a start, but once again looking for opinions/facts that others have gone through in order to keep most of the gains.
Sorry for thge newbiw quetion, but hey we all have to start somewhere.