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    Cool Ecto learnt how to get big, now what!

    Wholey sh*t, I haven't weighed in for a little while, just did today and I've never seen such numbers between my toes
    I mentioned a while ago I started a light cycle consisting of about 1/4 of the juice I was using previously and was going to be focusing 115% on my diet this time around, pretty much forgetting about my cycle and letting it do its work.

    I'm on 500mg Test E /week, jump starting with 75mg Test Prop EOD. I'm 5'10 btw

    Pre-diet weight:
    Pre-cycle weight + new diet: 225lbs (gained 5lbs natty in the 6 weeks I was off cycle which is unheard of for me and my extremely fast metabolism)
    3rd week into light cycle + new diet: 238lbs

    Not bad considering my body type, weight and small amount of juice.

    I've been shooting for 450g protien and 500-600g carbs and the carbs seem to be the key... My BF has obviously gone up, and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER this is the 1st time in my life I've successfully pulled off a bulk!

    So where does an ecto go from here? I'm afraid I'll lose mass too quickly with "normal" cutting meathods. I plan on hitting 250lbs before cutting, maybe 260 if I get greedy (since losing mass is zero issue)! I've never done cardio work... would it be better to keep the diet and add cardio or forget cardio and lower the carbs slightly? I feel like I'm going to slip up somewhere and lose all this over night lol. ANY advice would be great bros

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    First congratulations bro. Jake Barnes has exactly the same issue as you, he is an ecto with a high metabolism and really struggles to put on weight, although he's noticed that it is getting easier as he ages. Last night Barnes ate a full plate of rice and meat in cream sauce with a salad at 11PM, and woke up at 3AM literally starving. Agreed that higher carbs help a lot, Jake Barnes especially likes something like a big bowl of healthy cereal (grape nuts, etc.) right before bed.

    This is just a "Jake Barnes feels for you bro" post, and a bump for some advice. Good luck.

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    If Jake Barnes talks in the third person again, Hed is going to punch him in the eye.

    But anyway, ecto here too, but i CAN gain if i eat a lot. I actually dont need to cut really, i did put on a slight bit of fat during my cycle, but you can still see my abs. For the first time, im thick now. I would say cut down some, just by doing some cardio and slightly decrease what you eat. Dont go drastic, but you also have to realize that there is a 99% chance that your metabolism did slow down some with this weight gain, so you may not lose as much as you think as fast. Good luck........

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