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    ok i have decided to take steroids im gonna get blood work done and make sure i am healthy b4 i start. you cant make me change my mind so dont try what im asking is what do you pros recomend i stack., and i have an injection question when they say dont inject in the same spot what does that mean what is the same spot is it where you stick it or is it whithin like an inch of where i did it b4. lets say in injecting in a 3 by 3 square on my ass how many times can i inject there without problems
    please help thanks
    oh and i do have an older experienced roid user friend to help me and so im just lookin 4 things to bring up and recomend to him and see what he says

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    you should rotate site like right cheek, left cheek, right quad, left quad, etc. run a test cycle first with proper pct for a first cycle. this way you'll know exactly what is causin a reaction if you are unlucky and get one. check this out

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