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Thread: gyno?

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    i am in 6th week of running 500 mg/wk test e and 3rd week of 100 mg/eod of tren a. my right i noticed that one of my nipples is a little sore. noitching or swelling just sore or more of a raw feeling. it hurts when my shirt rubs it but it dosen't hurt to press or mash on it. I think it may be from my shirt rubbing during cardio since they are quite a bit tighter than they used to be.
    oh yeah running 10 mg novla ed and 200 mg b6 ed. this isn't my first cycle like this and i didn't have any problems.
    anyway if it feels like this in the morning i'm thinking of upping the nolva to 60 mgs for a couple of days....
    what do ya'll think bros....gyno or not.....ant problems with upping novla.

    sorry for being so long winded.

    thanks in advance,

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    To be safe you might want to add letro to the cycle at 1.25mg EOD........ and up the nolva to 80mg until the symptoms go away.

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    thanks muddman for the advice.
    I upped my novla to 80 mgs a day and in only 3 days the symptoms are completely gone.
    now should i go back to 10 mgs a day or what.

    hanks WBB

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    yea you can drop the dosage back down to 10 or 20mgs a day

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