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    First time cycle~~ HElp Bros!!?????

    I'm looking into sustanon 250.but i was just introduced to Duratest which i heard was similar but I am not sure.I am looking into stacking with primo bolan ........I am lookin into something basic but I work hard enough where I am expecting big results.........any suggestions woudl help

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    right behind you
    you thought about a test E or test cyp cycle? i think they're a better start.

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    For a first cycle, try 250 to 500mg test cyp or enanth. Sust should be injected EOD, and when you break open an amp of sust, you have 250mg of juice that you gotta do SOMETHING with... and forget about stacking primo or anything else with it. Your first cycle, you are basically just learning how your body deals with test, the basic building block of practically all sensible beginner or intermediate cycles.

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    nice bros exatly what i was gonna say

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